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Phillip “Phizzurp” Klemenov

PHiZZURP, one of the most versatile Call of Duty players, started his competitive journey during his Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 days, on the Playstation 3. PHiZZURP had a hard time finding a solid team, mainly creating one-event teams consisting of different professional players. When Team FeaR, the renowned gaming brand, showed interest in PHiZZURP before MLG Anaheim 2011, he took the opportunity to join them. Even though their lack of practice going into Anaheim, the team performed well and nearly won the Call of Duty finals, ending up with a 2nd place finish. With MLG Raleigh 2011 coming up, the team managed to end up with a 1st place finish, which showed that the pick-up of PHiZZURP really paid off. After playing with Team FeaR for several events, PHiZZURP joined Quantic Gaming, where he played together with NAMELESSLyaR and TwiZz at the Call of Duty Championship 2013 placing outside the top 8. After the event, the team decided to part ways with PHiZZURP due to their disappointing placement at CoD Champs. After a short time of success with UNiTE Gaming at the MLG Spring Championship 2013MRKN Clan and VanQuish Gaming, winning UMG Dallas 2013, PHiZZURP played for Denial eSports with ComplexFlawless and John. Since June 26, 2014, PHiZZURP played for MRKNWILD. His favorite moment in his COD career was when he won UMG Dallas 2013 in Call of Duty: Black Ops II. PHiZZURP played from losers bracket, had to play the champions twice and beat them twice to win. PHiZZURP sees that as one of his biggest achievements in his career.





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